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From the author of People-powered, Web of Lives and Goals Inc.


Our politics has become yet another battleground for us to pummel each other over our perceived differences. Our political discourse - and to a larger extent- the general manner in which we treat each other, talk to each other, and talk about each other, has become riddled with scorn, grievances, and cynicism.


I am old enough to remember a time when, yes, we disagreed - along religious, cultural, and political lines - on a whole host of issues. But yet-yet, we kept our fights fair, civil, and focused on the issues at hand. Today, however, it seems most of our political debates have metamorphosized to become extremely nasty, personal, and without any policy-based, life-improving underpinnings.  


There is no "ME" in America is Frank Dappah's take on the state of affairs in this great nation of ours. Tracking what he sees to be some of the highly consequential changes in America's political and social dynamics.


He takes a closer look at some of the changes in the way we consume media today and some of the effects these changes have had on our relationships with those we perceive as being "the other". The news media's transition from information outlets to what he sees as more of an infotainment business model, among other topics.


In this book, the author tries to communicate the various ways in which he believes- as a national community - we can get back to cherishing each other, respecting each other, and loving each other wholeheartedly despite our past transgressions and differences.

There is no "ME" in America.

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