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From Frank Dappah, author of popular business books like Goals Inc. and People-Powered comes a short but insightful book on happiness.


What it means to be happy, ideas on ways to imagine your own version of happiness, and some of the ways to try to acquire one's little slice of heaven as one sees fit.


All anyone really wants (in life) is to be happy. I truly believe this. We, as humans, spend a lot of time and expend a lot of energy and resources chasing this elusive beast that is joy, happiness, felicidad.


Freud theorized that happiness can be attained through a balanced mix of healthy love relationships and financial success. If you ask me, personally, I would add “good health”, looking your best, and physical fitness to that mix.


But that's just me.


Allow me, over the next 100 pages or so, to share with you some of the lessons learned, insights Gained, and epiphanies had as it relates to what it means to be happy and how I think I have handled the search for happiness in my own personal life.

No one really deserves to be Happy

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