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What happens when you listen to your customers? What happens when you build a customer-centric startup? - One that is intricately connected to its customers and all the men and women whose lives are impacted every day by your products and services? You build a better, more profitable business.You build a business with s strong customer base and brand loyalty. Many entrepreneurs know on a subconscious level the value and importance of building a Customer Advisory Board. Most understand the power of the valuable feedback that customers often provide. The kind of feedback and input that can all but assure that your products and services are ones that are in line with the needs and wants of your customer base. I think most folks recognize the value here.That being said, many entrepreneurs and small business owners around the world often fail to create systems and mechanisms that connect their brand to their customer base. At least not in ways that serve the growth of the overall company. In this book, I attempt to tackle the important but often ignored role that a Customer Advisory Board plays in the growth and development of a Startup. In the next few chapters, we shall look at:-What a Customer Advisory board (CAB) really is-Why you should create one for your company-Who should be on your CAB-Sparking conversations with your board-Leveraging the power of your CAB-Ways to reward your CAB and tighten the feedback loop-Many more.


Product details
Item Weight : 6.4 ounces
Paperback : 115 pages
ISBN-13 : 979-8673037881
Product Dimensions : 5 x 0.29 x 8 inches
Published : (August 6, 2020)
Language: : English

Customer Journeys: Why every Startup needs a Customer Advisory Board.

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