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"Brand Autonomy" is indeed my latest attempt to tackle one of the most fundamental challenges every software entrepreneur faces today.

It is quite daunting, as it is, to go out there and build a software application, any software application. Whether for the business crowd or for everyday consumers, it is always a challenge to assemble a set of features that seek to offer intrinsic value to the end-user.

It is equally challenging to position your app in the right medium to allow for maximum usability.

It is said that the now-defunct mobile-only streaming service Quibi's major issue was that, well, it was mobile-ONLY.

The creators of what I personally thought was a pretty cool service, one that I would have paid for had it not been confined to my mobile device, did not anticipate that most folks would want to watch TV on a, ahem! TV.

In all seriousness, there are many challenges to getting it right in the software arena, or any business for that matter.

I happen to think that most software entrepreneurs, because software folks tend to be more technical types of folks, rarely consider the "selling" aspect of their creations.

In other words, they, software entrepreneurs, coders, techies, whatever you wanna call them, tend not to have plans on how to get folks to sign up for their apps. And to have a set of scenarios that lead to actually collecting payment from their users. In this book, I share a few of the techniques I use to do just that.

Brand Autonomy

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